Daily Living

​Bloom Care can assist you to live as independently as possible, within a range of environments including your own home. The supports that we can provide can include (but are not limited to):  personal and self-care tasks and much more.

​Assistance with Self Care support items are described as covering activities “Assisting with, and/or supervising, personal tasks of daily life to develop skills of the participant to live as autonomously as possible”.  These supports are provided individually to people and can be provided in a range of environments, including but not limited to, the individual’s own home.

Bloom Care is registered to provide high-intensity daily living supports. Support is considered a high intensity support if the individual requires assistance from a support worker with additional qualifications and experience relevant to the individual’s complex needs which can include (but are not limited to): challenging behaviours requiring intensive behaviour support or continual active support due to high medical needs (such as unstable seizure activity or respiratory support).

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      At Bloom Care Support Services, we believe everyone shouldlive a holistic, enriched and balanced life. For those with a disability, we aim to provide a safe and supportive space where they can feel at ease and grow.


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