Respite Care

Short Term Accommodation and Assistance (STA)

Under the NDIS, Short Term Accommodation replaces what used to be called respite for people with disabilities.

Short Term Accommodation includes:

  • A short stay in a property with other people or alone (prior arrangement)
  • Additional support in our participant’s own home.

Our support services for the STA program include:

  • Personalcustomer care manager, who will get to know a participant’s needs
  • Assistance designed and tailored to suit a participant’s priorities and preferences
  • Fully trained Bloom Care Support Services team members

‘A home away from home’ for people with a disability

Our aim is to ensure our participants, regardless of age, feel relaxed and stress-free while taking a break from theirusual setting. Whether it’s assisting with daily tasks, taking them to appointments, or spending time with them in activities they enjoy, our experienced disability support workers,care for our participants in a kind and considerate way, giving their families/care-givers peace of mind.

Under the NDIS Scheme, there are several recognized services that can be used to cater to one’s respite needs. Participants can talk to our experienced customer care managers who help design anIndividualisedplan for each participant.

Levels of support are determined by the needs of the care plan or other evidenced guidelines. The factors that influence the chosen level of intervention depends on:

  • Type and frequency of support and care
  • Complexity of required care
  • Consideration of participant’s plans, goals and needs

Higher levels of respite may be provided where there are:

  • Unstable sleep patterns
  • Invasive medical supports
  • A lot of behavioural management
  • More than one child with disability in the household
  • Other assistance actively required overnight

Properties and assistance program

At Bloom Care Support Services, we have a number of homely STA properties for people with a disability of all ages, in vast locations.All our properties are in convenient locations. A participant can call our service team and arrange for the level of stay that they require.

If a participant prefers not to stay in one of our properties, we can also provide support in their own home.

Holiday support service

If our participants want to get away for a few days and explore, we help them plan a holiday and support them accordingly.

*Note: The NDIS does not cover costs of any airfares, tickets, accommodation, and activities for both oneself and any support staff.

* NOTE:Please make sure you check your NDIS plan to see what funding you have included

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